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07-10-2004, 10:13
Looking for info(water, terrain) and AT maps ( just to view, not buy) with shelters, mileage, etc, etc.
I've tried the link here, can't get any links to work. ATC, as far as I can tell has no online maps, except to purchase. Tried the NCAT but found nothing there. Tried the gov map, piece of crap-unless they have a different one.
Couple of other sites too, #[email protected]$ useless.
I have the ATC map and book for NC but it is about 9 yrs old. Sure something/alot has changed since then. I want to go from Fontana south to NOC, maybe further.
It can't be this hard to get maps and info :confused: ....... do I just have my head up my @$$ or is my pneumonia really kicking in now

07-10-2004, 11:38
ALDHA (www.aldha.org) has the entire ATC Companion online that you can download. It comes in Adobe format (pdf) and you can print off any page or the entire thing from a computer. The only maps in the companion are of towns so you have to look elsewhere for those. but any data you need, like distances between shelters, resupply, local tral orgs, ect. you can find in the companion.

Maps are a problem to down load. first, map files are huge, so unless you know exactly what you want you could spend all day just downloading a few miles of trail. but anyway try www.topozone.com

I noticed your looking at the NC sections of the AT, correct? your maps from 9 years ago will be very close to accurate. because of a few reasons NC doesn't need to reroute and when it does it's only a short distance from where it was before. In the north there is a lot of private land so the AT is moving continously. buying good land and trying to move the trail where problems have occured. in NC most of the trail is on National forest land and the ridges are up high ( 4-6K ft. ) so the reroutes are mostly due to erosion damage, which means the trail is moved maybe 100 ft. over, not miles.

07-10-2004, 13:06
Hey Game,
You are so right. I knew I had forgotten some other sources, damn it. And I'm a member of ALDHA :o

07-10-2004, 13:31
Try this link:

Click on the shelter and you can display maps of the surounding area.

Brushy Sage
07-16-2004, 20:44
I'm planning to hike in to the location of the Shelton graves with the president of the local genealogical society, who wants to photograph them as a part of his research. When he asked me for updates on trail routing, etc, he said he hasn't been on that section (near Big Butt Mtn in NC) since he was a boy scout, and that his AT guidebook is dated 1967. Does anybody out there remember what the AT was like in 1967 (not just in NC)?