View Full Version : High Sierra Explorer 55

Hoop Time
07-12-2009, 14:53
Stopped at REI in Timonium Md. on the way back from Cookie Monster's basketball tournament in Baltimore and ended up buy a new pack. It's a High Sierra Explorer 55 ... a little on the heavy side at 4.8 pounds, but at $89 it seemed like a pretty good buy, especially since it includes a pack cover. I am not planning a through hike. Will use it for a few overnights this summer and hopefully some short section hikes next year.

I figured I could afford the price-weight tradeoff since I won't be carry as much gear as I would on longer hikes. Plus the money saved can be used towards additional gear I need since most of my stuff is 30 years old (like the pack I had since college) or better suited to car camping/fishing trips than backpacking (like my way too heavy sleeping bag).

My thought is that if and when I get into much better shape and am ready to go for longer hikes, I can always upgrade to a better pack. For now, all I will be carrying is a sleeping bag, pad, my relatively light-weight bivvy tent, water and a day's worth of food (and miscellaneous stuff like first aid kit).

Does that make sense? (not that if it doesn't I can do much to change my mind now)