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07-11-2004, 15:21
Hello All,

I guess I'm maybe out of the loop a bit, but it seems that Safewater Anywhere no longer exists. I used to use their inline filter for my gravity filter set up, but now I can't find the filters because it appears the company has gone out of business. My filter needs to be replaced.

Do you have a recommendation for a silimar filter for a home-made gravity filter set up? Or alternatively, could you recommend a lightweight pump-type filter? I really like my gravity filter, especially given its light weight and dependability -- it doesn't break down and there are no mechanical parts to fail, but I'm willing to look at alternatives.

What do you think?


07-11-2004, 17:27
Most "light weight" hikers seem to be carrying iodine, aqumire or other chemicals for their drinking water these days and boiling their cooking water. I used to carry a "Sweetwater" filter (only 1 lb.), but I 've been using iodine for 3 years now and never had a problem. I just have to treat some water before I run out, as it takes an hour to complete the treatment. I hike in the deserts often and carry atleast 4 liters to keep hydrated. Welcome to the Whiteblaze site, you'll find plenty of useful info here and many helpful people. :welcome

07-12-2004, 09:23
I believe ULA equipment has what you need. On their home page they have a gravity filtration system they are selling. If you look on the order page you can also buy just the inline filter.



07-12-2004, 12:18
That looks like a nice little set up. Maybe it's new -- I haven't seen it around. Thanks for the link!

07-12-2004, 15:05
Camelback has an inline filter:


07-12-2004, 15:41
Camelback has an inline filter:


Has anyone used this? What is the weight? How hard is it to suck the water through? If you hang the blatter up, how fast does the water come out of the tube (i.e. can I use this to fill another water bottle?)

Thanks for the info! This sounds pretty interesting!

Gravity man

07-12-2004, 19:23
Is made by Seychelle Water Filtration:


The Hog
07-16-2004, 08:10
Although giardia, cryptosporidium, and bacteria are fully capable of ruining your hike, drinking water experts will tell you that most gastrointestinal illnesses are caused by viruses (Norwalk, rotavirus, adenovirus, coxsackie virus, etc, etc). Bacteria and protozoans are larger than 2 microns and are captured by a filter with pore size of 2 microns (beware - they can then "colonize" the filter, build up, and eventually break through! - that's why you need to change your filters on a regular basis). Viruses are smaller than 2 microns and will easily pass thru filters with a pore diameter of 2 microns. Many filter systems only take out bacteria and protozoans and fail completely when it comes to viruses. If the manufacturer makes no claims regarding viruses, you can be sure that the filter is not worth buying.

07-16-2004, 08:37
If the manufacturer makes no claims regarding viruses, you can be sure that the filter is not worth buying. Are there *any* filters that remove viruses?

Also from what I have read, water-born viruses are not much of an issue in North America. (I can't cite a good source for that, so take it for what it is worth)

The Hog
07-16-2004, 09:02
Water borne viruses are ubiquitous, and unfortunately North America is no exception. Having worked for 16 years as a microbiologist, I can recommend the book Drinking Water Microbiology, which includes a chapter on water borne viruses. It's not very comforting. And yes, there ARE filtration systems that handle viruses. Although I used to boil all my drinking water, I now use Exstream, which filters out the bacteria and protozoans, then forces the water through an iodine resin, which (supposedly) inactivates them. There is no aftertaste and no waiting. Aqua Mira is said to kill viruses, but I don't know enough about it to vouch for it. I think there are several other filtration systems that also handle viruses.

07-17-2004, 15:35
This is the only product that I know that does the job without chemicals, pretreatment, double pumping or hold time.

http://www.generalecology.com/portablesystem.htm (http://www.generalecology.com/portablesystem.htm)

This one from MSR is sold with chlorine-based purifier solution that provides simple and fast virus protection when used in conjunction with the SweetWater Microfilter.

http://www.msrcorp.com/filters/sweet_system.asp (http://www.msrcorp.com/filters/sweet_system.asp)

Next would be to carry any water filter and a chlorine based solution or iodine (tastes bad) treatment.

You could just use a solution like mentioned above or http://www.katadyn.ch/site/ch_en/home/outdoor_products/micropur/ (http://www.katadyn.ch/site/ch_en/home/outdoor_products/micropur/)but if you are a water freak like me I need full on protection (lol).

My method will be to use the First Need water purifier and keep some micropur tablets on hand for an emergency.