View Full Version : CT/MA Berkshires Crazy Busy?

07-12-2004, 11:49
Anyone know if the CT/MA trails are super busy in July/August?
Also, any updated bug reports?:D

07-12-2004, 12:24
Other than my AT thru-hike, my Conn hiking experience is limited.

However, I used to do a fair amount of hiking in the Berkshires (NW corner of Mass.) The Mt. Greylock area receives a good amount of use in July/August. It is the highest point in Mass. and has network of trails around it. The Mt. Everet area also get a bit of use, too.

Other than Greylock though, the Mass portion of the AT does no get nearly as much use at NH and VT.

07-12-2004, 12:47
Anyone know if the CT/MA trails are super busy in July/August?
Also, any updated bug reports?:D

You might see a dozen hikers per day in MA in July and August. I wouldn't call that super busy. Though the Greylock area and Everet will get more day and weekend hikers. Bugs are generally not as bad as they were in June, but could be bad at some places (eg. Shaker Campsite, Wilcox North).

07-12-2004, 18:31
Thanks, any other comments welcome!:banana

07-12-2004, 20:07
I ve got to assume that if you are out in July you are going to be seing plenty of thru hikers, based on Trail Journals. There seeme to be many who are a ways back right now, but still chuggin along.

07-12-2004, 20:33
Dayhiked Mts. Race and Everett yesterday. Hot. Not too humid. No bugs worth mentioning. The usual muddy spots are well on their way to drying up. Saw a few dayhikers and three backpackers who looked like weekenders. Overall, not very crowded for peak season.

I did not pass any camping areas but based on many past experiences in this area, there is usually pretty heavy traffic this time of year from scout groups, weekenders and the like that fill up the campsites around Bear and Race Mountain.

It was a great day in the hills!:clap

07-12-2004, 21:01
Thanks! Glad you had a good hike, how far is it from race to the next shelter? Like 9 miles, right?

07-12-2004, 21:46
Assuming you're walking south, there's a shelter just after Bear (in Connecticut) called Brassie Brook Leanto. I used to bring my scout troop there quite often. No views but a very clean and a fairly large area with a stream running very close by. It appears to be about 6.5 miles from Race. It's the first shelter you'll hit but there are two tenting sites (with some platforns) before Bear.

07-12-2004, 22:04
Three miles to the north of Race are the Hemlock and Glen Brook shelters

07-12-2004, 22:16
Good, three miles, that's what I wanted to know, I'll be NOBo.:)

07-13-2004, 07:10
There are pictures of all the shelters I mentioned in the photo gallery. I've never hiked past Guilder Pond but from the map it looks all downhill from Everett north to Hemlocks.

Bear, Race and Everett are my favs in CT/Mass. On a clear day, the half mile ridge line on Race will give you some great views of the Housatonic Valley. Usually you can see a hawk or two flying below, looking for a meal. Way cool!
Bear is pretty good too except it's a very busy place being more accessible to dayhikers. On sunny weekends it's tough to find a spot to sit! Great views of the Catskills on the approach to Bear. Not much to say about Everett since they tore down the fire tower except you come down a long 500 feet from Race to go pretty steeply up 700 feet to Everett. I needed to break for a rest on Everett.

Have fun!

The Eleven
07-15-2004, 10:48
Have backpacked the entire legnth of A.T. in Mass. and echo what has been said so far. You may find the October Mt./Tyringham area less used with a peaceful hike through farmland and bear country (signs and sitings here). There is a primitive campsite in this area. Very quiet and relaxing. Check your water sources in dry season. May have to lug....no big deal. Don't forget to hang your food bag. Happy Trails! Steve (Little Bear 2) CT