View Full Version : Massachusetts Mosquitos - End of season?

07-21-2009, 19:52
I was planning a section hike of MA late August or early September, but reading the posts here and a blog of a thru hiker (http://allenf.blogspot.com/) makes me wary of the skeeters. About when do they die out? Hopefully before the first freeze! I'd hate to be hounded by them for an entire week.

I grew up in eastern CT but I don't remember them being that bad or when they went away.

Here in Texas we get hordes of skeeters during the spring rains. I was out for a training walk and I felt like I was walking through soup, almost like I was in a solid mass of bugs! But by the middle of summer it is so dry they have gone away.


07-21-2009, 20:07
Yeah there are skeeters in mass but just like every other state. Some parts of the state are worse than others. Pack some deet and just go with it don't let them ruin your fun. The worst parts if I recall correctly are around Great Barrington in the long field walk about 7 miles and then again up near October Mt lean too where it is a bit swampy.

07-21-2009, 20:38
If it's a very warm august after this much rain in June and July they will be teeming...if it chills quick they won't be that bad.

Either way if they fly in your food it adds protein:D

07-21-2009, 20:42
October is the soonest you can be assured you won't encounter them at low elevations. Sept. they are spotty, and August is a good month for them (not you), unless it's unusually cool and/or dry, which it's not shaping up to be.
(Oh, I guess I pretty much mirrored the point the Simpsons made).