View Full Version : El Nino and the PCT

07-23-2009, 14:57
It is my understanding that the weather types are predicting an El Nino through this coming winter (2009-2010). Just curious, does anyone know El Nino(s) have effected the PCT in the past? Thanks!

07-23-2009, 15:15
I first hiked the pct during the 8th year of an 8 year drought. Perhaps because I started early enough to catch the springs still flowing down south- I never had a problem. I'd think el neanyo would effect the low lands, crops/ cities before it would the mountains. These days water is set out along the trail at road crossings by volunteers and water or lack of just isn't an issue.:)

Pacific Tortuga
07-23-2009, 15:23
Being a warm water current one should see many storms but not much in snow, except above the 6,000 ft. level. The snow fall will be heavy.
Flooding does accure so many more fording oppertunity's will enhance your trekking.
Staying dry will be a struggle but its just part of the wilderness life style.

High Life
07-26-2009, 19:39
sounds sexy to me .. hmm PCT or CDT which will it be ?