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07-14-2004, 12:27
First, Thanks to those who've already helped us, because of this forum I've chosen where to do our section hike.
We'll be starting at Harpers ferry this Sunday and going north as far as 7 days takes us.

My question is this, I have trail guides for PA and MD, and whereas the MD book is pretty clear where camping is permited, the PA book doesn't seem to mention a whole lot about where camping is permited.
I see on page 24 (nineth edition) of the PA book it mentions camping on state game lands within 200 feet of the trail.

Camping along the trail in PA? Are there designated areas only?

07-14-2004, 16:37
You will be along the AT corridor for the 1<SUP>st</SUP> part of PA and than on into Caledonia State Park. No special regs on the corridor, but you may want to check the SP regs…my guess is if your hiking the AT you can camp just about anywhere close to the AT that makes sense. If you make it into Michaux State Forest, my guess is there are no special regs.<ST1:p

07-14-2004, 20:56
About the only restriction in PA is that if you're within a state park's boundaries, you must use the park campground. The one in Pine Grove Furnace is only about 1/4 mile off the trail. Nice campground and showers are available at the hostel. There are lots of shelters in PA, I usually stopped at one for lunch and spent the night at the next one. Quarry Gap is really nice, and there's a new shelter at Birch Run.

07-16-2004, 15:59
Thanks for the help, a lot will be answered after a first hike. Since we've never hiked the AT there are many questions running through my mind. But I think we've planned well, have trail guides and are looking forward to just nothing to do but walking. Thanks Again!