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07-19-2004, 00:31
I am heading to North Carolina on Friday for a week of hiking on the trail and I have lost my map! I had the official map:

North Carolina/Georgia Maps
Retail Price: $11.95

Two five-color maps, sold only as a set, updated in 2004. From the southern entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park through Nantahala (North Carolina) and Chattahoochee (Georgia) national forests to the A.T.'s southern end. Contour intervals of 20 feet; scale, 1:63,360.

I need only the map that goes from, I believe Deep Gap to Fontana Dam. In any case, it's the one that's mostly if not all North Carolina. I tried to order it from the offical store, but they are closed this week! Ahh! Timing!

If anyone has this map and is willing to send it to me, I would really appreciate it. I will pay for shipping and a little extra for your trouble, as well as return the map to you after I get back from hiking. Respond here or email me at [email protected]


Pencil Pusher
07-19-2004, 00:34
If you're desperate, go to http://www.topozone.com and print the maps you need for free. Though you will need to pick the map area you want to print, but beggars can't be choosers when it's free.

steve hiker
07-19-2004, 00:56
Just foller the white blazes.