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07-19-2004, 20:51
:sun [email protected]
Hello, I am very new to hiking and I am 51 years old.
Went to Amicalola Falls this past month to @ least put my feet on Springer Mountain the start of The AT...
Which I did but came up the forrest road.
I learned it is very hard hiking with two dogs and not the right gear.
I would have attempted the 8.? hike to Springer from Amicalola and stayed in a shelter if I had ultra light gear etc.

I have the AT FEVER!!! I am not in great shape started walking a few miles each day and will build that up my speed and miles as I break in.


No Mountains in Venice, Florida. My Mountains will be going over bridges and if it is permitted? (I have to check into going over the Sky Way Bridge in Tampa).....

I am over weight but I appear to hold my weight well as I always have done sports in the past. I Love Kayaking If You Keep Your Feet On The Foot Peg's You Will Get A Whole Body Workout. I will do that for strenghening. GYM's Bore Me Big Time!

To put it plain I have HCV and a very sick liver. I am looking for others that would want to hike with me. Starting March 2005.. Why so early just to be safe to make it and not worry so much on how many miles you put in each day.

I am retired........ And have read enough that I feel I am ready with book knowledge.
Yes, I know a book can't give you the true factors of the trail....

Anyone who has advise or might be interested in joining my goal e mail me to address up above. I would like to meet try some short hikes together to see if we or whom ever has the same speed zone. (If possible, I can drive up to Georgia).

Any questions about Hepatitis C ask me!!!
I am very honest and open about this virus.
No, You can't catch it from me........ :p

Hope to see you on the AT March 2005..............

Kozmic Zian
07-19-2004, 22:30
Yea.....That's sounds great, girl....You go girl! Not to worry, there's lots of information right here on WB. Just keep reading the posts and the gear threads. You'll learn a lot ahead a time. It will certainly help you in the planning. You're right about getting in shape, every # you drop is less you have to carry. Don't worry too much about hiking partners, lots of ladies up there and other hikers you'll meet up the Trail. Also, if you really want a partner or so, you should be able to hook it up, because there are lots of starts in the spring (March, April, May), so that should work for you. Good luck, welcome, and good hiking. [email protected]

07-19-2004, 22:48
You're not that far from Ocala. Get your gear ready and do some weekend overnights in the Ocala Nat'l FOrest on the Florida Trail. Don't worry about ultralight now (you're training), just grab some gear and go. Each weekend you'll learn something new. Your tastes in gear will define themselves, and before you know it you'll be as opinionated as us.

Well, maybe not as opinionated as ALL of us.

But seriously, hike. You needn't wait until March. I live a couple hours from the White Mtns and when I was in FLorida had fun in teh Ocala Forest (while my wife was in Orlando visiting the Rodent).

Also, there are trails int he south you can get to, especially if you have a week or more off. I have a nice guidebook with plenty of southeast trails:


I highly recommend it.

07-20-2004, 02:58
Hey Cats.

I'm sitting in the Ozark hills of Missouri and only get to hike the AT for a week each year (not retired) and I can tell you this: having the FEVER to hike the AT is a big part of doing it. Prepare ahead as much as you can, and get use to your gear before you go, the trail will teach you the rest....:welcome "Showme"

The Hog
07-20-2004, 08:43
You have a great goal, and I want to wish you all the best as you move towards and finally achieve that goal. In my opinion, your odds of success depend a lot on how well prepared you are as you start up Springer Mountain. If you are in good physical condition, if you have ruthlessly minimized your pack weight, if you accept in advance the reality of the hardships you are going to face and keep a positive frame of mind through those hardships, and if you want it, really, really bad, then you have a good chance of making it.

It would be best to get in very good shape BEFORE you start. I agree with the advice given above: get out and walk. Work gradually up to long distances (at least 8 miles), carry increasing amounts of weight on your back, and walk up and down stairs if you can't find hills. Use these training walks as a means to getting used to hiking in the rain. Also, as soon as you're ready, start jogging. Again, gradually increase your jogging distance. To keep up your motivation, contact a local running club and enter races on a regular basis (don't worry about your time, and don't worry about having to walk during a race, persistence is the key here).

Your pack weight should be under 30 pounds with a full water container and seven days of food. With modern ultralite equipment, that is not only attainable, but key to your enjoyment of the trek. I would aim even lower if I were you. And don't, I repeat DON'T, be sucked into bringing umpteen "comforts" along, that make your pack unbearably heavy. As Lynne Whelden says, "The weight of your pack is proportional to your fears." There's very little to be afraid of, embrace the hike, enjoy the personalities you meet, and learn to laugh at the rain.

Oh, and also the snow. You mentioned starting in March. Well, you will undoubtedly see your share of snow and cold rain. Most AT hikers do. Accept it. You will be wet and cold and miserable part of the time, but it will pass. As part of your mental preparation, I would repeat this over and over again to yourself, as a kind of mantra.

Doing these things won't guarantee that you make it to Katahdin, but your odds will increase dramatically. Good luck to you, and may you have a Class I day to climb Katahdin!

07-20-2004, 13:44
Just one question - Is a tru hiker different from a thru hiker? :D

08-18-2004, 14:13
Hi, I'm Hiho1624 from Dunedin,Florida. Also no Mountains.You may want to look up the Florida Trail Association and get in shape for 2005. We have 8 to 11 miles hiking trips on a regular basis and sometime Kayaking trips . Join a chapter in your area and get in shape.A number of FTA menbers hike the AT in the summer and the fall .I'm a FTA menber and a Activities leader in the Suncoast Chapter.

Good Luck

08-18-2004, 15:04
There is a great outfitter in Sarasota just off Fruitville Rd. It's call Outdoors Products and Services O.P.S. the owner's name is John. I meet him about 6 or 7 years ago. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to hiking.

He can help you find the best boots, pack, and other equipment for the AT. Just tell him that his Coloado Army buddy sent you. The big bald guy! He'll know who you are talking about.:cool:

Sgt Jinx

08-18-2004, 15:14
:sun I am not in great shape started walking a few miles each day and will build that up my speed and miles as I break in.[/color][/font]

One great way to get in shape is to do trail maintenance. The Florida Trail Association will undoubtedly need some help after Hurricane Charley. A day working on the trail is equivalent to 2-3 days of hiking (IMO). Check them out at 1-877-HIKEFLA. Its a great way to meet people who like to hike.

Good luck!

Spirit Walker
08-18-2004, 16:45
If you're dealing with Hep C and still hiking, I salute your tenacity. You probably have the inner strength for a good thruhike. I know how hard it can be. (Hep C almost killed my brother and, given his health two years after treatment, still might.) Are you on Interferon? Good luck.

As others have said, do everything you can to get in shape now. It will make a big difference in your enjoyment of the trail. If you are miserable, it becomes a lot harder to keep your desire to hike the whole thing. I like the maintenance idea, especially since I know some FT maintainers and they are very good people, but also do stairs, running, walking as much as possible, etc.

08-18-2004, 22:24
I hike every March 1st, March 15th & April 1st. I would be happy to get you started...there are so many hikers starting then you will make friends and people who hike at your speed you will not need me anymore... and will be off on your adventure!

Just PM me and let me know when you want to start.

Trust me on those dates you will have a group within 1-8 hours!

Enjoy your HIKE!!!

08-18-2004, 22:55
You should try to achieve a base pack weight of under 16 pounds (all weight except food, water and fuel). To start you should take 4 days of food for the approach trail or 3 days for starting at the top of Springer and 2 liters of water are sufficent for either start.

Starting from the approach trail 2 lbs. of food per day and 2 liters of water and 1 lb. of fuel would put you at a start weight of approx. 30 lbs. the MAX you would ever want to carry,(with exceptions--increased appetite into the hike) if possible!

08-23-2004, 00:26
Remember carrying 2lbs 2,000 miles takes the same amount energy as does to carry 2,000 lbs 2 miles. Walk daily, consider volunteering with a local trail club to do maintenance or one the atc.

09-26-2004, 23:23
I am in a somewhat similar situation. I will be 46 soon and I am also single and retired. The AT is a dream I've had for almost my whole life. I wanted to begin hiking as soon as I retired two years ago but I was recovering from an injured hip. I've been training by walking (without a pack) 12 miles 3 times a week and doing some squats and lunges with light weight the other days. I have set the first of November as my decision date (although I'm sure the decision will be a resounding yes). Since my apartment lease is up at the end of Feb, I plan on selling/giving away my belongins and driving to Ohio so I can store my car at my parents house then take the Amtrak down to Gainesville. My thru hike should begin between the 7th and 11th of March. I too plan on enjoying the journey and starting out slowly. I wouldn't mind starting the same day and watching out for each other the first week or so. I plan on going fairly lightweight--my pack, bag and tent are under 6 pounds.

Stay positive,

10-11-2004, 18:06

I also have HCV and I am going to thru hike in 2011 with my husband. We go out for 3-5 day hikes as often as possible. I was treated 2 years ago with Peg Intron and Ribavirin. I was "cured" at that time. It was my second treatment. THe first failed. Lately I have more fatigue, but I just keep going! I sent you a PM, but never heard back from you. Take some practice hikes! You can hike with HCV, you just have to pay attention to your body! When you get tired, make camp. It's gets easier and better!