View Full Version : September sobo thru.

08-17-2009, 21:26
I got permission from the "boss" :D to spend three weeks on the LT. I did it in sections back in the 1990s and consider it to be wilder than most of the AT in New England so, instead of continuing south on my AT section quest, I decided to thruhike the Long Trail.
I'm not in the shape I was a few years ago and probably won't get my legs under me until 5 days or so.
My wife will be dropping me off at the Journey's End trail parking lot on the morning of Mon. Sept 14.
I'm just wondering who's going to be in the area around then.
See you soon!


09-01-2009, 14:07
Hello Tinker,

I actually saw you post on a thread on longtrailhiking.info webboard, but I think you will be starting SOBO one or two days after myself (as long as I don't have terrible luck hitching from Burlington!). I am planning on a leisurely 4 week hike and as it seems you will be pushing for 3 weeks, likely we might bump into one another in the woods or at a shelter. If not, probably just be reading each other's entries into shelter logs...

See you out there...in less than two weeks!

Regards and happy hiking....