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TJ aka Teej
07-21-2004, 12:24

Observer's Comments:

05:59 AM Mon Jul 19, 2004 EDT
While finishing up the night shift, and glancing out the window to see the all too familiar blank gray scene of fog and drizzle that seems to have replaced the peaks of the Northern Presidentials, my thoughts turned to the Appalachian Trail thru-hikers that have been appearing in the Sherman Adams Building on a regular basis. Starting in Georgia in April, they have followed spring north until summer finally caught up with them in Pennsylvania. While hiking thru the heat, and jagged, boot wrecking, ankle twisting rocks of PA , many have continued on the hike by dreaming of the beauty of the Green and White Mountains that lie ahead.

For the past week, the peaks have been hidden by the fog a majority of the time, only revealing themselves for short periods of time. Instead of views of the great peaks of New Hampshire, all too many thru-hikers have seen only 2 or 3 cairns ahead, and no doubt have had their thoughts shift from the trails beauty to when will they get a chance to dry their socks!

Rain and fog will continue off and on for 2 out of 3 days for most of this week. I just hope the thru- hikers can be in scenic spots during the breaks in the inclement weather. Hopefully, the rain has not washed away any of the great tidings that only a long hike can bring.

Best of luck to all the thru- hikers, and remember the sun does shine in the Presidential Mountains!