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07-21-2004, 13:26
Hi All,
Saw a post over on trailforums complain about the mud on the Northern Section of the Long Trail. We are starting this saturday going sobo for three weeks.

Any idea how bad it really is? Is it unbearable, or not so bad? Any guestimates on how long it will take to dry out? One hot sunny day, or weeks?

Thanks for any info!

Gravity Man

07-21-2004, 13:53
I know that July is beyond Mud Season, but I do not know the specific trail conditions for this year. However, you should recognize that, while it's unlikely that it will be severe enough to keep you from slogging through, a lot of hiker traffic has a greater impact on trail conditions with a very muddy trail (which is why the GMC discourages use until after Mud Season).

07-21-2004, 22:55
Unless you get a lot of rain, you should be fine this time of year. Mud season is usually done by mid-June. April and May are the worst, after the snowmelt.

Enjoy the LT. I'll be up thru-hiking it come October. Can't wait. :D http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/images/icons/icon14.gif

07-22-2004, 05:03
Beware!! Yes, the mud situation can improve by mid to late summer, but I have experienced unbelievable sections well into August. The absolute worst was the section from Stratton Pond to Rootville Road near Prospect Rock last August with almost constant ankle to shin deep mud. The year before in July it was dry and firm. Periods of good weather can firm up the trail, but many sections along the entire LT are prone to perpetual muddy stretches. I did not find the northern LT to have more mud, but due to being very rocky in extended sections it made for slick walking.

steve hiker
07-22-2004, 13:15
I also may be up there in late October, first week of November. Hope the mud has dried out by then, or frozen.