View Full Version : Good Deal on Polyester Shirts

Rocket Jones
08-22-2009, 09:22
My local Walmarts have Starter DriStar shirts (100% polyester) for $7.00 each. I saw sizes up to XXXL in all kinds of colors, both with sleeves and sleeveless.

08-22-2009, 10:13
Ooh, thanks for the heads up, Rocket. Seven bucks is a good price and I've been needing something a little newer (AKA less nasty looking when I'm in public) lately.

08-22-2009, 13:33
Thanks for the heads up. I went to our local store and I got three on sale for $5 a piece.

Wise Old Owl
08-22-2009, 13:38

08-22-2009, 21:43
I am a snob. I prefer the Champion Shirts at Target - they seem to fit better than Starter and offer 4-way stretch. They were $7.99 2 weeks ago.
The other thing (this is running thread on my biking forum) is the long length of mens shorts nowadays. I hate these shorts down to your knees with 10-11" inseams, prefering a shorter 5" Inseam instead. I waas looking for a warm-up jacket for my wife for her birthday 2 weeks ago and saw what looked like mens baskeball shorts as they were 10-15 years ago - They were in the womans sport section. I picked up a couple of pair a a size larger and tried them on - They fit perfect. So I bought them. My wife prefers my in them instead of long shorts and when I told her they were women's shorts she laughed and said that 20 years ago, she had to buy Unisex backpacking clothing, so it is good to see things come full circle.
Mybe I will start shorter shorts trend agin!!!!
PS they were black with white stripe and navy blue with white stripe. I passed on the lavender, the pink, the lime green and the sky blue ;)

08-23-2009, 12:02
thanks for the heads up, rocket jones!!
I got three yesterday. $5 at my store.