View Full Version : Need a trail suggestion for Madison Spring Hut

08-23-2009, 13:40
The AMC website suggests two possible trails for approach up to Madison Hut: 1) the The Valley Way trail: 3.8 mile/3 hours and 40 minutes/ 3550 ft. gain in elevation or 2) Airline Trail (3.7 mile hike, 3 hours and 40 minutes 3550 ft. gain in elevation.

I am looking for any easier and more scenic way up to Madison having taken the Valley Way trail several years ago and found it very steep with no views until the top. I'd sacrifice having to hike for an few extra hours for a more gentle climb to avoid stressing my 42 year old knees.

Suggestions? Website Links? I'll be buying a map in North Conway but would like to have my trail picked out ahead of time.

10 o'clock
08-23-2009, 14:13
The Valley Way is the easiest way up to Madison, but the Airline, while a bit steeper, has lots of great views along the way.

08-24-2009, 11:43
I'm in agreement with 10 O'clock, some steep sections. but the Airline has great views.

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