View Full Version : National Public Lands Day - Sept 26th

08-27-2009, 18:27
It is good to give back at any time, but like National Trails Day, National Public Lands Day is an excellent day to think of the public lands we all love..and give back to them.

Another thread asked what they can do to help hikers...well, here is an excellent way!

Check it out:

Your local open space/park/outdoor group may have events listed that aren't on this site.

Leave a trace! :)

Tennessee Viking
08-31-2009, 21:45
FMST is hosting a work day event on the 26th at Falls Lake just outside of Durham.

09-01-2009, 12:46
Thanks for reminding me Mags. I had forgotten this was coming up.

09-21-2009, 13:01
A bump.

Don't forget about this weekend!

Not all of us can be on the AT..but I'm sure your local trail/open space/park could use a hand. :)