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Diamond Diggs
08-28-2009, 14:52
-What are they good for really?
-Is it not more expensive?
-How much $$ am I looking at if I use one?
-If I use one, what are some good combinations of a bounce box with mail drops - if any?

-How many mail drops if any?

I was all for doing mostly mail drops in the beginning for the sake of saving funds and pack weight. Now Im not sure- my main concern now is pack weight with dehydrated food vs pack weight with non-dehydrated food? Any decent feedback would be most appreciated.

jersey joe
08-28-2009, 15:06
You will get a lot of differing opinions on mail drops vs buying as you go. I liked having mail drops and think that a combination of mail drops and buying in towns could be the best approach. The biggest negative for me with mail drops was having to "race" to post offices some days to get there before they closed for the weekend.

Bounce boxes are good for items that you need at every stop, can't buy in towns and don't want to carry with you. You just send stuff to yourself up the trail. If you are getting mail drops anyway, a bounce box might be redundant.

Here is the mail drop schedule I used. It is spaced out a lot more than is ideal, but all of these towns are relatively close to the trail. http://www.joealaya.com/appalachiantrailthruhike/mail.php

08-28-2009, 15:21
Nice thing about a Bounce Box is that you don't need to decide ahead of time. If you find yourself on the trail with something in your possession that you don't want to carry, but may want later, just ask for a box (Post office even sells em) and send it ahead.

It's just an idea to keep in the back of your mind for a possible solution. Some examples of times I would consider one.

Have a camera charger, don't want to carry it.

Found some odd-sized, hard to find batteries that I need - send some ahead so you don't have to worry about em.

Think it's warming up, want to ditch the warmer clothes, but not certain - send em ahead for a week or so, see how it works.

Got a GREAT deal on some staple food items - send some ahead.

Passing through a town with limited re-supply options next week - send some food ahead.

Have prescription meds that I will need later (or expensive OTC meds) - send em ahead to re-supply from.

Lots of potential uses. Anytime you may want something soon, but not right now.

Diamond Diggs
08-28-2009, 17:35
and you have to pay new postage every tie you open your box.... does this not get expensive?

08-28-2009, 17:39
I suppose it could if you have a large box and want access to it often, but for occasional use or in special circumstances it would be worth it to me to meet the need.

08-28-2009, 21:26
I used a boucne box for the first half of the hike because my charger was so heavy for my phone, and we recharged batteries. But these days the chargers are so light, you probably dont need to bounce anything. I'd skip it personally.