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10-20-2002, 19:57
The Seeley-Woodworth Shelter is 2.3 miles south of Fish Hatchery Road in central Virginia. Shelter design is similar to the Maupin, Priest and Harpers Creek shelters. Exiting the shelter, the new, clean privy is just visible to the left about 35 yards away. Water comes from a piped spring perhaps a tenth of a mile down and to the right from the shelter (look for the little warning sign) and tasted very good. The shelter faces east, although there was little direct sun into the shelter itself due to the intervening trees.

In October 2002, we were going to eat and move on to an attractive campsite a few miles south at the North Fork of the Piney River, but it started to rain a little and the temperature plummeted, so we stayed. An older couple from Reeds Gap joined us an hour later who were within two days of completing their thru-hike (starting at Reeds Gap in April north to Katahdin, flip-flop to Springer north to Reeds Gap), so they were pretty antsy to finish up those remaining 23 miles. Encountered one mouse who found a bag of sunflower seeds that I forgot to stuff into my food bag for the night. Other than that things were pretty quiet as the temperature dropped into the thirties.

10-21-2002, 16:18
This another one of those good spots to stop for the night. A new out house and very clean,good water source and good spots for tenting are all around the shelter and even some spots just before the shelter.:p

River Runner
07-25-2006, 01:10
Camped overnight near the shelter in my hammock on 7/15. Nice area - lots of tent sites, trees for hammocking, and nice clean shelter. Water is a bit of a walk down (and back up), but seemed plentiful and clean.