View Full Version : Water Seal for Maps

09-05-2009, 22:03
I'd like to provide some protection against moisture for the maps of the CDT that I'm printing from Jonathan Ley's CD. I think I remember a thread a couple years back (but can't find via search) that suggests dipping the maps printed via ink jet printer through a bath of Thompson's Water Seal.

Anyone tried that? How did it work? Did it add perceptibly to the weight?

Rocket Jones
09-05-2009, 23:13
How about some spray clearcoat? Comes in a can like spray paint, available in craft stores, and you can choose matte or gloss.

Something else to experiment with, try some Future floor finish. Crystal clear and tough as nails when it dries. Don't know about flexibility, and ink will run if you brush it on, but dipping might work.

09-06-2009, 19:59
I use clear shelf contact paper, both sides. Find it at the grocery stores. Takes some time and patience, but it works very well. As a Forester, we have used this for literally thousands of quad maps. If bubbles happen, use very fine pin prick to let air out. Leave 1/4 inch extra beyond map around edges. Does add some weight though, so if you come up with a lighter alternative, I'd go in that direction.