View Full Version : Map pages 15f and 16f

09-06-2009, 23:58
Planning for a trip and was looking at map pages 15f and 16f (Chippewa Moraine area). I was kind of looking for a trail report for that area. Any help would be greatfull.

10-21-2009, 20:25
That is some beautiful map you've picked to explore. Did you already make the trip? If not, the Visitor Center is really worth it, trail is well used, and Cornell has a few interesting historical pieces for photo ops. www.iceagetrail.org (http://www.iceagetrail.org) check out the Chippewa Moraine Chapter contacts, they should be your best local source for conditions. I personally know a few people who live there that could assist with shuttles.
Last year I hiked from Baldy Mtn to Hwy Z and only had one spot where I kept going on an old logging road. Otherwise, plenty of signage and bridges were all intact.

11-19-2009, 23:05
You can get trail status info online for any Ice Age Trail segment. Check the Ice Age Trail Alliance web site (iceagetrail.org) and click on the tab titled "Hike the IAT". You'll see a map of the trail, and you can click on the county of choice and come to a page showing a trail description (with map links) and trail updates (detours, closures, etc.). In the left-hand column are links to the local chapter, where you can get contact information on the folks who know that section the best. Sometimes they can help with shuttles or tips on local accommodations. Some chapters have local web sites that are linked here as well.

In the specific section you asked about (Chippewa Moraine), there is a temporary detour near Hwy E (east of Baldy Mtn), and there's a map on the web page referenced above. Otherwise, beyond recent windfalls, it's all clear sailing on the trail in Chippewa County.