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09-07-2009, 10:39
I am looking for a suggestion for a 2 and a half day circuit hike in the northern section of the park. I'm very familiar with the central and southern sections of the park but have done very little in the north. I am looking to do something in the north to minimize my travel time. I would like to enter in Front Royal.

This trip will be in mid October. I have maps and guide books to follow your suggestions.

Thank you.

09-07-2009, 11:18
Do you have the PATC (http://www.potomacappalachian.org/) Circuit Hikes book? If so, you could combine the Jeremy's Run/Neighbor circuit with the Thorton Hollow circuit.

If you don't have the book, look at your North District Map and use Elk Wallow as a base. The hike I suggested above is to hike down Jeremy's Run, turn left at Neighbor Mountain, and return to Elk Wallow via the AT - a total of 14 miles. Then cross Skyline Drive on the AT to the Piney Ridge Trail to the Hull School Trail to Beahm's Gap where you return on the AT to Elk Wallow.

Or hike the Jeremy's Run circuit via the Knob Mountain trail and pick up the Herskell Hollow Trail. Make your way to the Tuscarora and hike it up to Matthews Arm where you pick up the AT to return. Now I haven't hiked any of this stretch - I'm just looking at the map but it seems like you'll get your 2 1/2 days in.

09-07-2009, 15:10
thanks, I am going to look at that on the maps.