View Full Version : Hiawassee Inn

09-11-2009, 16:35
Has anyone had any contact or experience with the new owners of the Hiawassee Inn? Now that Ron and Sam are no longer there. Just curios.

09-11-2009, 18:28
When did they leave?

Survivor Dave
09-11-2009, 18:52
This thread by Ron Haven might help you out. I have not met the new owners, but I hear they are on the right track to having a great season for 2010 hikers.



09-11-2009, 19:34
They left at the end of June. We stayed there mid-June and Ron seemed excited that they had "only a few weeks" until the new owner(s) were taking over. Nice guys. Wish them nothing but the best.

09-12-2009, 08:17
I was there in May, cool people. I talked extensively with both of them, and wish them the best. I will be doing a thru hike when I graduate college, not sure when that is.