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Rain Man
09-12-2009, 18:26
Here is a link to the full article, and an excerpt:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article (http://www.ajc.com/news/atlanta/georgia-state-parks-137165.html?cxtype=ynews_rss)

"Georgia state parks: How to avoid trouble

"Lost somewhere near Springer Mountain on a day hike gone awry, a family with two children raced against darkness and an approaching thunderstorm. They had no food, no rain gear and no flashlight. But like many who get into trouble in Georgia’s state parks, they used their cellphone to call rangers for help.

"According to Georgia Department of Natural Resources incident logs, there are few crimes in state parks — despite fears stirred by the 2008 murder of hiker Meredith Emerson.

"But people find plenty of ways to get themselves into trouble, records show. They get lost. They have auto accidents. They fall and injure themselves. They experience medical problems. A few manage to get bitten by snakes or other hikers’ dogs.

"I have people come up to me all the time and ask me what they should be concerned about," said Bill Tanner, superintendent at Amicalola Falls State Park, about 70 miles north of Atlanta. "Inevitably I say: 'Where do you live?' You’re so much more at risk there." ...

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09-12-2009, 22:04
Darwin is a mean man.

Feral Bill
09-12-2009, 22:11
Darwin is a mean man.

Darwin was a kind, gentle man. He described an uncaring world.