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09-13-2009, 19:13
Hi -

I'm planning a section hike of the MA AT. I'm going NOBO from Dalton, summiting Mt. Greylock and on to N. Adams. I'm just wondering if any hikers (thru or section) remember hiking this area an can tell me anything about it...



09-13-2009, 19:57
I did that exact hike on Aug 17th. I camped N of Dalton and did the stretch in one day. What do you want to know?

09-13-2009, 21:48
I guess I'm was just wondering about things like the terrain,scenery and water availability. Also I'm getting a late start on Friday and planning on hiking the first five miles to Crystal Mtn Campsite. If I get hung up in traffice and any other form of delay I'm curious if there is any place to camp if it gets dark before I reach the campsite. Also, did you enjoy your hike? :-)

09-13-2009, 22:30
i sent you a pm