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Jack Tarlin
09-14-2009, 13:51
I recently heard about a very cool group of folks who do something remarkable each year.

Check out www.flagsonthe48.org for details.

(It should not be necessary to say this, but unfortunately, on Whiteblaze, it probably is necessary. I post this link because I think some folks here might be interested in this organization and may wish to get involved with them next year. This is NOT an attempt to introduce a political discussion to WB, nor should any comments on this thread go that route. I'm mentioning these folks because I believe a lot of folks here might be interested in hearing about them, period. Thanx in advance for respecting this expectation).

09-14-2009, 13:57
Pretty cool. I checked out the gallery; it would be neat if they had some photos where you could see flags flying from multiple peaks (maybe they do and I missed them).

Chaco Taco
09-14-2009, 14:00
I must say Jack, this is probably one of the coolest links you have put up. Good to see that this day has not gotten lost in all of the bustle. I remember Shenendoah Mtn with the American Flag painted on the rock for a memorial to those lost. I lost 2 good friends that day and think this link shows a great way to memorialize them. Thanks Jack!

09-14-2009, 14:06
Nice idea. I don't see how you could contest this whatever your political leanings. It was a nice idea and tribute, got people out hiking and had no impact from an LNT perspective.

Chaco Taco
09-14-2009, 14:08
Maybe we can get something like this here in NC!

Gray Blazer
09-14-2009, 14:11
Pretty neat! Some of those flags are really flying in some heavy wind!

The Old Fhart
09-14-2009, 14:23
I don't know if WB is the best place to find out about this because unless you are into peak bagging in the Whites you're not going to get a lot of detailed local information. I'd recommend you check out VFTT (Views From The Top):


which has the some of the trip reports from those who participated this year.

If you do a search on that site you can find lots of info on FOT48 over the years.