View Full Version : Looking to Pass my Baxter State Park Credit to anyone interested

09-14-2009, 14:34
Hey everyone,

I recently made some reservations with Baxter State Park for a 2 night stay in Baxter. Plans changed and we had to bail on our reservation. Unfortunately, Baxter does not refund cancelled reservations but they do allow you to change your date up until October 15, which is the end of their camping season.

Since my money is already lost and I can't return to Baxter by October 15, I have decided to pass along the reservation to whomever has the time to camp at Baxter before October 15. You can use the credit towards a one night, two night, 3 nights, whatever you want. You have the option of camping at whatever camp sites are open during your desired dates. Again this credit must be used before October 15.

I'm not asking for any money, but the park wants you to pay a $15 rescheduling fee to change reservations. As long as you pay that, you are set to go...unless you want to extend the stay which costs more than the credit I have on file, then of course you pay the difference...but this is a great excuse to hike Mount Katahdin, the most amazing mountain in New England!

Please let me know if interested and I will call Baxter to let them know. Thanks!

09-14-2009, 16:01
Very generous of you! Wish I had the time to take advantage of this offer but I'm sure somebody will be able to use it.

09-14-2009, 16:03
Yea, I was told this would be a great place to post it. I hope someone can find the time!

Rocket Jones
09-14-2009, 16:25
Very thoughtful. Wish I could use it, and I'm already jealous of whoever does get to take advantage of it.