View Full Version : Looking for partners NOBO early May 2010

09-14-2009, 16:34
Hello everybody,
I am planning a thru hike, starting from Springer in early may 2010 (at the beginning I wanted to start in March, but for different reasons, I have to start a little bit later).
I am French, 32 years old... and looking for wilderness.
I do not want to walk alone (Last week I made a trail in the Alps, totally alone, and at the end, it is borring...)
I am looking for some partners, not necessarily speed runners... to hike with.
Furthermore, as a foreigner, I will probably need some help (I do not know how to get to Springer, for example, since I will arrive directly from France).
Only one detail: I am a catholic, and I will try to get some sunday mass (if possible) along the trail...


09-30-2009, 14:44
I will be leaving to so let me know

11-09-2009, 19:29
I am looking for a partner as well and leaving April/May

would you be interested in talking about hiking together?