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07-31-2004, 12:14
Screw it! Yada Yada!

Kozmic Zian
07-31-2004, 14:03
Yea.....It's getting around! Go to 'Google', 'Yahoo', or your search engine and enter your own Trailname......see how many entries are centered around Whiteblaze.....We're all gettin' famous, and the WBnet is really getting out there....what, has recent membership been blowing up, Attroll? I betcha has.....KZ@

08-01-2004, 02:52
I have noticed that we have been slowly working our way up the Google listing lately. We use to be on page 6. Now when you do an "Appalachian Trail" serach we are on page 3. We are slowly getting there.

08-01-2004, 09:43
WhiteBlaze.net has always been FAMOUS!

@ least with the hikin' community...but now the word spreads & to the occassional hiker...its a great place to..."ASK THE EXPERTS!"

where else can you talk/email/pm with the likes of Trail Legends? :D

08-01-2004, 18:02
I heard somewhere, if you have other special interest websites, even personal websites, have a link on their site to your website, your website will move up in the ranks on the google search engine. I also heard, the opposite is true, namely having meaningless gratuitous links from non-related websites to your website, I heard somewhere, that can get your website kicked off that search engine.

I have no idea, if this is absolutely true.

I know I want to have my webpages seen: I have worked very hard to have current excellent lightweight and ultralightweight products and information links, and I am adding more almost every day, and I have made as easy to use links as I can, going directly to the page at the offsite website, unless that website only allows links to their "homepage" and I have done all this, only using Notepad, and uploading the webpages only using Filezilla!

I know I haven't made it clear, yet, that these new materials in fabric technology for our outdoor-sport are achieving "the layer system" comfort range, with as little as two, or even one layer: for example, the Buffalo Techlite shirt or the newer "windproof tights" for cross-country skiing.

These garments are non-restricting, not bulky, and are very nice to have on.

Ooh, maybe I could just say that!

I know I would love to have my website get listed on a links page, from the other special interest websites and personal webpages, and, I would dearly love to have a first page listing on google search engine for people seeking information about lightweight and ultralightweight backpacking.

I find it very discouraging to see pages that haven't been maintained, or updated for years, getting first page listing on google. I also find it not a good thing to see the terminology "lightweight and ultralightweight" being appropriated by stores for stuff that is neither lightweight or ultralightweight.

I was visiting the website, of one large outdoor store, that used the "referrer string" to follow me back to my website, and "appropriate" my strongly held view that people going out for a day-hike, ought to be able to stay out overnight, if necessary, removing the element of panic if something unexpected like severe weather should get them caught outdoors. The big store now has "overnight" listings. This week, that big store added "lightweight" pages and their store stock is NOT lightweight. Grump. Growl.

I suggest you-all have more website contacts than I do. Maybe, you might send them an email asking to give your forum a link! Beat the big-boys to the first page listing!

I have given whiteblaze.net a link, because it is an active and very helpful forum for useful information: the topics are on target. I too want to know this stuff! I also really enjoy all the "personalities". I feel like I am hiking the AT.

I wish whiteblaze every success: get to that first page listing!

SGT Rock
08-01-2004, 18:27
Peak to Trail (http://www.peaktopeak.net/) is a good place to find outdoor oriented sites. I looked at yours, and you may considering getting in with that.

TJ aka Teej
08-01-2004, 23:37
I have noticed that we have been slowly working our way up the Google listing lately. We use to be on page 6. Now when you do an "Appalachian Trail" serach we are on page 3. We are slowly getting there.
You can get even higher if you use pay submission services, and imbed keywords (metatags) into the HTML of your main page. I havn't done that, but I have a genealogy website that's listed first on Google - *if* your search is specific enough!