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le loupe
09-14-2009, 23:26
I'm going to be hiking from Wawayanda south to the Mohican Outdoor Center in a couple of weeks.

It seems that water could be an issue thru this section. We are only covering 10-12 miles per day. Water seems to be available at/near the shelters.

I would like to carry 2 liters, but I'm a heavy drinker (water and otherwise). I will slake my thirst from just about any source (treated of course) while others in my group are more particular.

The northern most section (pochuk to unionville) recommends avoiding all water sources as they are heavily polluted. What other options are there in this section?

In the more southern sections will there be sufficient sources of water? At the higher points, along the ridge (south of rutherford shelter) the maps/guidebook don't indicate many water possibilities regardless of quality.

Any input on this?

09-14-2009, 23:31
the secret shelter has water

09-14-2009, 23:34
On your way down Pochuk there should be "The White House" with a spigot on it's side.

if not, you can stop by Jim Murry's "Secret Shelter" (which no longer sleeps people as I understand) which is due North-Northwest .2mi on Goldsmith Road. He has a non-polluted well.

09-15-2009, 14:51
Looks like rain all week in jersey. Feels like: not so much.

09-15-2009, 20:56
Two weeks ago I hiked from Route 17A Warwick south to High Point and didn't have any problems finding good water sources. The secret shelter for great well water definitely. The only water I didn't have to treat.

09-15-2009, 20:58
Forgot to mention that the white house water source is no longer; it's been shut off.

le loupe
09-16-2009, 23:18
The section from 17A to High Point is a little different than from High Point to Mohican Outdoor Center.

This section seems to be on the ridge entirely. Water sources other than at shelters seem scarce.

Anybody care to confirm or contradict?