View Full Version : News on Norwich Bulletin regard A.T. thru hike

Flash Hand
07-31-2004, 21:26
Saw in the Norwich Bulletin today. The link is:


Flash Hand :jump

07-31-2004, 21:54
I met Hogwalker at Shaw's in Monson. Without a doubt he is a driven man. Even in Maine and New Hampshire, he was doing pretty big miles. The one thing you do not want to say to this man is "I don't think you can do it or it can't be done." There was no doubt in my mind that he would complete his hike. We had some interesting conversations at Shaw's. Congrats to him.

07-31-2004, 22:06
Thank you, Flashhand for sharing that article. It is very inspirational. Hats off to Hogwalker. Well done and congratulations. :clap