View Full Version : Non modified gear list?

09-19-2009, 22:10
I got to looking at my gear & it occured to me that almost all of it has been changed in some way or the other. from Totally hand making my over quilt, to just taking the tags off my tees & stuff sacks.
My tarp is custom made, so I count that in the "Modified gear" list.

Leaving a tiny list of gear that hasn't been homemade or in some way changed:
The stic pic for my camera (a modification), but then again, does a modification unchanged still count?
My Platty, no that dosn't count, I changed the clip for the hydration tube to a retractable thingy.

So I guess it's down to:
Reading glasses.
My multi tool / knife, yea, I haven't changed that,,,, yet.

That's it, everything else (Even my pen, 4 color; black, red, green, green.) in my pack or on my bod fits the midified or homemade gear liist.

So, what is in your gear that you have NOT: taken off the tags, homemade, had custom made, removed straps, added straps, etc? Use your judgement on; seam sealing, repairs or simply replaceing worn stuff like shoelaces.
My boots needed MAJOR repair, fixed beyond what the factory had built, so I counted them as modified, I didn't count seam sealing, guess I should have, even so, the seam sealed stuff still got other midifications so wasn't on the list anyway.

This was an eye opener for me, what will you find out about yourself? :D