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08-02-2004, 14:01
In my capacity as Coordinator of the Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition, I put out a monthly electronic newsletter. The newsletter updates the progress of our attempt to build a 5,000-mile network of trails, and contains information about festivals, clinics, action alerts, volunteer opportunities, and all things trail from the southeast.

A number of members of Whiteblaze already subscribe, and today I received the following email from one of our subscribers;

"Just wanted to tell you how great the Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition E-Newsletter is! Is there any way possible to get a copy of last month's? I thought I had saved it in my e-mail, but apparently I didn't. There was an article in it I wanted to keep for future hiking. Thanks for a great newsletter!

I invite any and all Whiteblaze members to checkout the E-Newsletter archives at the following link;


The July E-Newsletter should be posted there shortly. You can download past issues. If you like what you see, and I think you will, you can subscribe to the E-Newsletter. I would suggest you subscribe to the newsletter in HTML format. Your name will not be sold or added to any list as a result of subscribing - that is 110% guaranteed! What I am trying to do is make people aware of the larger picture so that we can build out this trail network (including the Eastern Continental Trail), eliminate the existing roadwalks, and have a large & enthusiastic constituency that works on behalf of trails in the Southeast, including the Appalachian Trail.


Jeffrey Hunter
Director - Southern Appalachians Initiative
American Hiking Society & National Park Service RTCA program