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09-22-2009, 08:59
I had a chance to stay at the new Maine Huts and Trails "hut" on Flagstaff lake this past weekend. It is located about 2 road miles and one trail mile north of the AT crossing of the Long Falls Dam road (2000 mile mark). The reason I uses the " " is that this is full service backcountry lodge with heat, hot water, showers, boats for use and meals. A big step up from the AMC Huts, for less or similiar money. The location is spectacular, right on Flagstaff lake, looking at the Begelow range and the facility and staff are first rate. This is the second hut of a 7 hut system that is being built with a trail network running eventually from the Mahoosucs to Moosehead lake that are spaced a days hiking apart. They are building the next "hut" this winter.

I dont see this facility as a traditional AT hikers overnight stay due to the distance from the trail and cost (varies with season but in the $70 to $90 range). It would be good place for thru hikers to meet up with friends or relatives who want the outdoors experience but want some comforts. There is a two mile trail from the parking lot along the lakeshore, but there is a gravel service road that looks to be a mile or so long (gated halfway in). Its looks like it is popular on weekends, so reservations are recomended but I expect during the week in the fall there may be walk in options.

For thru hikers use, they dont have a store and the nearest one is 20 miles. They also dont have laundry facilties. There is not a lot of traffic on Long Falls dam road so hitching to town is probably not a good option.