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09-27-2009, 15:06
New to whiteblaze.net and getting ready to hit the AT after a 15 years of being overseas. Planning to do Carver's Gap to 19E next weekend. Question, are there any camp sites/springs between the Overmountain Shelter and Doll Flats? Bradley Gap maybe? Hump Mountain?

09-27-2009, 16:28
Welcome to the board. When I did that section, I started at Stan Murray Shelter, just north of Carver's Gap and just south of Overmountain Shelter. I made it to Apple Shelter that night. And water was no problem. And now that they have built the Mountaineer Shelter, you no longer have that long trek to Moreland Gap Shelter.

Jack Tarlin
09-27-2009, 16:42
Mountaineer shelter won't help him as his trip is ending at 19E.

And Yosef, try and alter your plans to you can overnight at Overmountain Shelter (i.e. DON'T stay at Stan Murray!). In terms of scenery and location, Overmountain is probably the prettiest shelter on the entire Trail.

09-27-2009, 19:03
If you're starting at Carvers Gap early, I would eat lunch at Overmountain Shelter. And if it is the weekend "I" would keep going. Unless you don't mind being in a shelter with atleast 20 other people. I would continue on to Bradley Gap. It's a good camping area with a good spring. If the weather is good you could hike up for sunset on the bald and walk to back to Bradley for the night....

09-27-2009, 19:25
[QUOTE=Jack Tarlin; In terms of scenery and location, Overmountain is probably the prettiest shelter on the entire Trail.[/QUOTE]

View south...of the valley:


Cabin Fever
09-27-2009, 21:41
Ditto what Jack said. Really easy to do Carvers Gap to 19E with a night stay at Overmountain Shelter. It's only about 13 miles. Spring at Overmountain Shelter should be rockin'. Rained non-stop here yesterday with more coming later this week.

Jack Tarlin
09-27-2009, 21:51
In regards to the post about crowding at Overmountain, well yeah, it's a popular spot, and sometimes this means groups will overnight there.

But it won't be crowded now, and even if there are people when you get there, there is great tenting nearby, i.e. you can enjoy the view without sharing the shelter with a crowd.

To miss this spot is to miss one of the most beautiful places on the Trail.

Gray Blazer
09-27-2009, 22:28
People do camp on Big Hump summit.

09-27-2009, 23:22
Thanks alot folks...sounds like there are some good options. I have not hiked this section since I was 8 (many, many years ago!) with my Dad.

Tennessee Viking
09-28-2009, 13:26
There is a good size site right before you come out of the open area at Bradley Gap. There is a piped spring not far from that site.

If you have never stayed at Overmountain Barn, you need to stay there at least once. It has lots of camping. There is a couple spots back up on trail at Yellow Mountain Gap.

With all this recent rain, you will probably be mud stomping through Bradley Gap. Also, watch your drop from GrassyRidge. Wet leaves and roots on that grade can mean slip and slide.