View Full Version : New Lighter Version of Eureka Spitfire

10-01-2009, 01:50
Hey folks, here's a new one. It's not on the Eureka web site, but you can see it on retailers' pages. It's a new, lighter version of the Spitfire with only a single large hoop instead of the older version's large hoop and small hoop.


10-01-2009, 01:57
hmmm. 2 1/4 pounds. I like.

10-01-2009, 06:48
I have the Spitfire UL but not that one! Looks like Eureka did away with the supposed troublesome foot pole upright thingys.
They reinforced my fly to keep these things from ripping through during windy conditions, looks like they just did away with them. Good idea, also saves weight.
The UL in any configuration is a heck of a good UL tent.

10-01-2009, 07:59
The square footage inside the tent is the same according to Eureka. It looks like usable space may have been cut down slightly since the roof comes down at a tighter angle without the extra small hoop to hold up one end of the tent. They also had 4 sq. ft. for the vestibule on the older version and there's no spec on this for the new tent. If they are being consistent in what they call Minimum Weight then the tent has lost half a pound. Pretty good. It wasn't that heavy to begin with either, probably one of the lightest double-wall solo tents and AFAIK the lightest in its price range ($100).

10-03-2009, 15:04
Looks like they got around to putting it on the site........http://www.eurekatent.com/p-46-eureka-spitfire-ul-tent.aspx#

10-03-2009, 15:12
I'd be very concerned that the foot of the tent will touch your bag, possibly even compress it. Especially in heavy rain or light snow or if you use an inflatable pad. This is one of my major complaints about a lot of UL designs. Just something to consider - probably a deal breaker for me. Would be best to check it out in person.