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10-01-2009, 05:37
Was eyeballing a Speer tarp online and saw this:


I did not expect sacks etc to last as long as heavy coated nylon, but was not aware of this issue.

I figured a tarp/tent would UV or tear out before it needed treatment. Any practical experience with having to redo seams and such?

10-01-2009, 05:48
Being the proud owner of 2 Speer tarps ( 8x10 ad 10x11), I love both. Ed recommends re-doing the seam sealing about once a year. I've had my 10-11 for almost 2 years now and finally did mine this week. The only seam that you need to bother with is the ridge seam.

10-01-2009, 10:19
Henry Shires recommends treating silnylon shelters with a silicone spray when they stop beading water. I told him my Contrail has 5000 trail miles on it and looks like it'll take 5000 more. He was a little surprised I wasn't having any problems with it yet. I use it mainly in the dry West, but it did see one pretty wet AT thru. I did notice a new pair of silnylon rain pants really beads water off much better than the tarp, so it may be time to treat it.

I had to re-do a seam once in an old silnylon tarp, but the Contrail is still fine.

Thanks for the link.

10-01-2009, 12:56
That is a very good article, thanks for putting a link to it. As for personal experience...yes. I have 2 tarptents (Double Rainbow and Squall) and a poncho/tarp (Equinox Terrapin) made out of sil-nylon. The Squall and the poncho, which have been used a good bit both "leak" to varying degrees. The Squall was misting in heavy rain, and the poncho just flat out leaks. I applied a coating of silicone to the Squall (silicone sealant diluted with mineral spirits), and that resolved the problem. Now I need to treat the poncho. I had no idea there were spray on silicone treatments. So I'll have to try one of those on the poncho and see if it works.