View Full Version : Water Supply Harpers Ferry To Georgia

10-01-2009, 17:45
How's the water supply Harpers Ferry Down to Georgia this time of year? Could I get by without a water filter and just use drops? Or do I need one to suck up what little water there is? Should I bring a 2.5L water bladder and a 1L water bottle or can I get by with just 2 water bottles?

10-04-2009, 03:38
Caveat: I speak from one season (2008) of experience, and I left Harpers Ferry at the beginning of September, not October. Anyway...

If I did fine with Polar-PUR, you should be fine with drops.

You might get by on two bottles, but I often had all three of mine put to use. There were some very long waterless stretches where I really needed all three (Double Springs to Watauga Lake was worst, I was reading ingredient lists on fruit pies to get what water I could in me by the end), and there were some stretches quite the opposite (water was plentiful NC southward). The dry stretches might have been flukes, but I wouldn't drop under 3L.