View Full Version : down quilt

10-21-2002, 20:22
im thinking of getting a quilt. any info on one would be great ive seen a couple plans on sewing your own but dont know if thats in me.hungryhowie made one as i recall. not really into sewing so probably be buying if the price was good.

SGT Rock
10-21-2002, 20:57
I feared screwing up the quilt so I spent a bundle on a Nunatak Backcountry Blanket. I've been satisfied so far but unfortunately haven't had a chance to really test it in cold weather. It is however much warmer than my old 30 degree bad which I successfually used down to 7 degrees F so I'm confident.

www.thru-hiker.com has a kit for Howie's quilt, and if I were about to look at getting a blanket now, I would probably get it and try it. The wost I could do is screw it up a little. Based on some comments I would probably beef it up with some more fill.

10-22-2002, 14:38
My recent hiking partner was using a quilt as the temperatures dropped into the mid-30's last week. While he was more than warm enough under the quilt, he commented that he had to be exceedingly careful about shifting his position since if the quilt raised up just a fraction of an inch he would be subjected to a blast of frigid air. Easy to fix but easy to re-occur and disrupt his sleep.

SGT Rock
10-22-2002, 19:25
That is one nice feature of my down quilt - Velcro along the sides. That way I can velcro it closed UNDER me, then you body serves as the draft tube. What I do miss is the pre-formed foot box that Howie's quilt has.