View Full Version : The Gathering, 2009

10-07-2009, 13:54
Young and old, fat and then, etc., how many of you who are going to be in the class of 2010 are going to be at Gettysburg this weekend? We have not seen the exact schedule yet, but I certainly am going to take advantage of the knowledge that Baltimore Jack has accummulated over the years, the philosophy of Warren Doyle, the 2009ers' reports of this year on the trail, and even Gray Jay's backpacking food advice. I am going to look at Heartfire's 2-person tent and talk with Ed Speer some more about his hammocks. I am going to check out the ATC maps and guides, looking over the ones that have been published since I got my last ones. And I am going to meet each of you that I can to hear about your plans, when you are leaving, etc. I hope you will be there en masse. The more that take advantage of this gathering of information as well as hikers, the better year 2010 will be.

10-07-2009, 17:22
You Go Girl_nothing Stopping You Now!