View Full Version : Volunteering Scribe services

10-07-2009, 20:37
I thought it would be nice to volunteer to be a journal scribe for 2010 thru hikers. Basically how it would work is i would rent a separate po box to receive written journal pages ( for those who dont have smart phones or pdas to keep journals on) , i would type these out as they are written and update to persons site of choice, pictures at well if they included memory cards. Im having alot of extra time on my hands so i would love to help if anyone out there is looking for someone to update thier journals and such. Also i would update immediatly as i get them and not sit on them for couple weeks, knowing after you send them to me its already couple days late atleast. not sure how many people would be too many to try and do this for but if anyones interested do let me know