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The Weasel
10-22-2002, 12:50
This poll does NOT include journals or mailing lists. If you can think of other general-coverage Appalachian Trail sites that could be included on this poll, leave a message. This poll expects you to "hike pure" - just like you wouldn't "yellow blaze" a shortcut on the Trail and claim you did it all, PLEASE vote only once.

The Weasel

Former Admin
10-22-2002, 20:44
People can only vote once on all the polls.

The ATC site is the most informative. I really haven't concentrated on putting more info on the site other than the photo gallery and forum, just for the fact that people can just go to the ATC site for most of it.

Also the Appalachian Homepage is a great resource for finding other AT sites.

10-22-2002, 23:51
thru-hiker.com has some really good information and should be included in this poll.
Okay, I inserted the hyphen. :o

10-24-2002, 15:24
I think www.trailjournals.com deserves to be up there with the others. In terms of planning, I think it is probably the most useful of all the sites. Why? Because you can get an extra-ordinary (yes, two words) amount of information with out having to interact with anyone. While I think interaction with experienced hikers is the best way (so, you can guess what I think of this site), many people are afraid of asking questions in a public arena to people they do not know. With trailjournals, all you have to do is read. Of course, you don't have access to the volumes of information archived over the course of who knows how many thru-hikes which are represented here. After all, Baltimore Jack alone has something like 7 thru hikes.

The Weasel
10-24-2002, 20:20

I seriously considered adding trailjournals to this poll, but then recognized that there is a lot of difference between journal sites (and there are many) and forums or information-directing sites, as in the four I listed. You're absolutely right about the amount of info you can get from journals, but those sites aren't as intereactive as forums. And I also left out the mailing lists, since they aren't as orgnized by topic as are sites like these. Another poll, later, may be good for those lists and journal sites. But yes, I agree with you about how useful trailjournals is.

The Weasel

10-31-2002, 10:34
If its pure information that you are looking for, Kathy's AT page, the FIRST AT website, still is the king of information, IMO.

Kathy started this site back in 1995, before the ATC or just about anybody else had a website. Its a simple format, and a lot of the information is dated, but it is an excellent resource.



The Weasel
10-31-2002, 12:13
Chomp --- You're very right. Formally, it's called "The Appalachian Trail Home Page" and is in the poll.

The Weasel

The Weasel
11-05-2002, 19:07
Again, friends, PLEASE vote in this poll. We are holding it open until there are 50 votes, and it is important that we get to that point as soon as possible.


The Weasel

12-08-2002, 02:01
I think Trailplace has its place ...... but I won't express where that is. Actually this is the better forum to use and his site is good for finding statisticics and general info, also if you check his credentials he has way more than whiteblaze.net does. It's amazing the hours of service he has devoted to the trail. He should have a shelter built in his honor.

Bandana Man
12-14-2002, 16:59
:p A shelter? Really? Oh, I forgot, you like a little sarcasm here and there...

The Weasel
01-15-2003, 16:13
I started this poll a while back, as you can see. Especially now, as WhiteBlaze really is taking off, I think it is VERY valuable for people to vote for which site they think is most useful. That doesn't mean the "most fun" or the "most friendly" necessarily (although fun and friendly may be a part of it), and each of the sites listed have real virtues to them, and I hope everyone at least visits each of them now and then. But while I'm not lobbying for votes or for stacking the deck for WhiteBlaze, if we can get 50-100 votes total in this poll, I think we can tell Google and other search engines that "rank" sites based on overall user-value, to raise WhiteBlaze's rank.

So vote, folks!!! Even you lurkers!!!

The Weasel

Bandana Man
01-15-2003, 21:19
WhiteBlaze is the best site for all kinds of questions about hiking the AT. No subject is off limits and everyone is welcome. This site includes a large number of good-hearted, experienced AT hikers who eagerly provide many helpful tips and encouragement for other hikers. It's just a whole lot of fun to be a member.

However, I still like Trailplace. It's a close second. Even though the number of posts are fewer and the information is controlled, Wingfoot has a unique and interesting philosophy about the AT. He always makes me think about trail issues and whether my activities are helping or hurting the future of the AT. Others will disagree with me about this, but he is a strong advocate for the AT and he writes a damn good guidebook.

There, I said it. Go ahead and beat up on me now...


01-15-2003, 21:29
Nobody's going to beat up on you man!!!!

That's you opinion and you have every right to express it. I find it interesting to take a peak every now and then myself. Even if it's just to see whom he's ragging on.

I took my beating once before for standing up for my Clark Hammock. When you ask for a beating, I guanantee you'll get it.

So just don't stand there and take a beating, make em chase ya!!!