View Full Version : My VCT hike a success

10-13-2009, 19:25
I have returned safe and sound having completed the Creeper Trail. Did some things right and also a few oops. All-in-all, I'm satisfied with my accomplishment. Will post more details in a few days.

10-13-2009, 20:38
Right on, you'll be in a book of records soon if you keep on doing things like that!

10-15-2009, 20:35
OK, as promised, some brief details about my trip. First, many thanks to Lone_Wolf for his assistance as shuttle service. I started out at the state line the first day around 8AM. Was rather damp and dreary, but temps were great. I had the trail to myself until around 9:30 and then it was non-stop bikers for the rest of the day, passing me by. Got to my car about 4:30 after completing almost 15 miles. Second day, started about 7:30 and made Damascus about 9:30. Knew very few bikers rode the lower half of the trail, so it was very peaceful all day. Had to break out the raingear around 11 and hiked in a steady rain the rest of the day. Finished around 2:30 with 11 1/2 miles. Third day began at 7:15 and finished the 8 1/2 miles around 1. A total of a little over 35 miles.
I had a knee problem that manifested itself and really slowed me down, but worked through it, although I will need medical attention (not really sure just what's wrong). I did develop a blister the 3rd day but was prepared with moleskin and it is already healed. Really carried too much snack food. And cotton is definitely no good once wet. Had a poly shirt with a cotton T over it and it still got wet (from sweat not rain). Really would have enjoyed the hike so much more if not for the knee pain. But still all-in-all a big morale booster for me and looking forward to next spring and another long hike. (OK, not such a big deal for most, but I can't help but be proud.)