View Full Version : Favorite side-hikes?? Places to swim?

10-19-2009, 14:21
What are some of your favorite side-hikes off of the Long Trail?

Best side-hikes for vistas?

Best side-hikes for a swim? Or best places to take a swim in general?

10-19-2009, 19:15
Right on the trail I like Stratton Pond and Little Rock Pond. Big Branch River always gets me refreshed and cleaned up.

10-19-2009, 19:33
It's a ways off trail but Carvins cove used to be awesome.

10-19-2009, 19:37
Carvins Cove might be closer to Costa Rica than it is to The Long Trail....just saying.

10-19-2009, 19:39

Stratton Pond, for sure.

10-19-2009, 21:01
It's kind of chilly out there now. But if you want to bad enough, the ice is still thin enough to break through for swimming. :sun

10-20-2009, 18:44
There is a nice pond for swimming only a mile or so south of the Middlebury Gap.

10-26-2009, 05:33
For a swim: I liked my dunk in Sterling Pond.

For a mountain view: The spur to the Belvidere Fire Tower.

For interesting rocks and exploration: The Subway loop on Mansfield.

10-26-2009, 05:51
Favorite side hike - The Whistle Stop Cafe just north of Claredon Gorge.

Closed on Mondays.:D

10-26-2009, 14:40
Swimming: Stratton pond, Sterling pond, Clarendon Gorge
Side trips: Alpine Trail on Camel's Hump, any of the side trails on top of Mt. Mansfield, esp. Lake of the Clouds and the Adam's Apple, and some of the side trails near Stratton, such as Lye Brook.