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10-19-2009, 17:53
I used to wear shorts in the winter with a base layer. I found it to be very functional and it got the job done. I have worn pants for the last few seasons - North Face pants, that is. I want to go back to shorts and a base layer. One reason is all the loops and belts with pants cause hip belt pain. The other reason is that my legs never seem to get cold. When I wear too heavy of a layer, or a layer with limited breathability I have problems with temperature regulation.
I have been looking for some shorts that would be good for this purpose. This time I would like to try some shorts that will provide some wind protection -- I am a poor boy and cannot afford the really good stuff. Can someone suggest a good pair of shorts for me. Thanks.

10-19-2009, 19:08
Can someone suggest a good pair of shorts for me. Thanks.

Any running shorts should be fine. Target,Walmart and similar sell running shorts for perhaps $10/pr. I've used the same two pairs of Champion branded running shorts from Target for a few seasons now. The Walmart brand is called "Starter" and are about the same price.

(But, they are now too big on me. :) )

10-19-2009, 19:11
i recently got a pair of arcteryx rampart shorts from rei for $30. they are great shorts.

10-19-2009, 20:05
I snagged a pair of soccer shorts at a salvation mission type place on the PCT for $.50. I've been using them since. I would hit up a goodwill and browse until you find a material and fit that you are looking for.

10-20-2009, 14:40
+1 on the Goodwill. I scored an UnderArmour golf shirt and northface shorts for 5-7 bucks total 2 weeks ago.

10-20-2009, 16:15
I love REI Sahara shorts (http://http://www.rei.com/product/746923). At regular price of $34.00 I would not call them cheap by any stretch of the imaginiation, however, I have picked up a few pair on sale or an off color at the clearance site.

Plan B: Thrift store

10-20-2009, 17:06
I 3rd the thrift store idea. For me, at least, if I have a new pair of pants or a new shirt I'm almost a bit leery to get it dirty. Actually I was at a local AMVETS thrift store the other day and saw: a Columbia shell jacket, Sierra Designs rain pants (which I snatched:D and used doing trail maintenance all this past weekend), a HellyHansen polypro shirt, and numerous other Champion/Starter activewear shirts. It's a shame only the pants fit me:-?. But I snag a few phone pictures... to be posted soon. SOOOOOO all that to say that you cna find some great deals in thrift stores :)

10-20-2009, 17:08
I just realized I didn't even mention shorts :p. I as well have picked up a few pair of track/soccer shorts at thrift stores. Great places!

10-20-2009, 20:03
nike drifit shorts at marshall's/tjmax. on the cheap

Wise Old Owl
10-20-2009, 20:18
I'm stumped, and short on words here..... No Ideas come to mind.... UHHH .... So you want to hike in winter in long johns and shorts? Ok well nobody on the AT is going to see you so "Just do it!" Don't need to read the posts here.....

Folks I just cant touch this....

10-20-2009, 20:52
So you want to hike in winter in long johns and shorts?

Winter is a relative term. Winter on the southern apps? I've been there and done that (shorts/longs johns) and it worked well. Throw on rain pants if it gets really bad.

Winter in northern New England or Colorado? 'nother ball o' wax.

10-21-2009, 09:32
I'm not sure why 3 trade names are really neccessary for a pair of hiking shorts,
but Columbia Titanium Omni-Dry hiking shorts are nice and light and very breathable.

El Toro '94
10-21-2009, 10:07
I wear a pair of compression shorts over midwt. bottoms for winter hiking. Never cold until I stopped moving. Been in the Carters and Mt. Marcy in Dec. and Jan. with no problems. Probably what I'll be wearing this winter in VA unless it's raining.