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08-12-2004, 11:58
I am in the process of planning a thru-hike for next spring and I am
debating what kind of water treatment I should use. I currently own a pur
(now katadyn I think) hiker filter, which claims to remove bacteria and
protozoan cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium. Is this sufficient for the AT? Or should I be concerned about viruses as well? And if so, do you have any recommendations?
Thank you for your time,

08-12-2004, 12:16
Take a look at Aqua Mira. After your pump has clogged for the umpteenth time and you become very sensitive to carrying every ounce, the half-pound you'll save will be quite attractive.

08-12-2004, 12:29
I second the vote for Aqua Mira. I started with a filter and Aqua Mira (thought I'd give both a try). I stopped using the filter on day 2, switched to the Aqua Mira after that and sent the filter home first chance I got. Aqua Mira is both lighter and easier. The only thing is if you are using multiple bottle and filling them all up at the same time, make sure you remember which one you HAVE treated and which one you HAVEN'T. I had a couple of times where I had a 50/50 shot of double-treating one bottle and not treating the other.

08-12-2004, 13:19
It is strictly a judgement call. The benefit of the pump is having a quick access to treated water. Aqua Mira, Polar Pure and other bleaches require time for the water to be treated - if you are treating for Giardia and Crypto. There are a variety of other filters with a variety of strengths and weaknesses.

That said, iodine and such are effective for viruses and very quickly. However, there is limited indication of a need for viral protection in North America.

There is also limited evidence that water treatment is particularly helpful for hikers - if diarrhea is your reason to use it. Half of hikers report GI events, without any benefit from water treatment. We suspect that toilet hygiene is much more important. Don't share GORP. Use alcohol gels for hand washing.


Blue Jay
08-12-2004, 13:39
I agree it's a judgement call. I have used a PUR for over 6,000 miles, has not clogged once (it helps if you change the filter once or twice per thru). Aqua Mira is light however you could be out there drinking the best tasting water on the planet. Instead, for "health" reasons you are drinking chemicals day in and day out. I like to stick with water.