View Full Version : Pics of Sunrise and Meteor Shower and AT

Gray Blazer
10-20-2009, 20:31
Hey Guys and Dolls. I'm hoping that some of you are getting pics from tonight's meteor showers, especially from some of the summits or spots with views of the mountains and even the AT route over the far ridges and peaks. And I'm hoping that you will post said pics in the WB Gallery or share with this thread. The best time for showers is 6:00 am to sunrise. Would make a fantastic AT shot.

I promise you I won't steal your pic off WB, but since you mentioned it, I would be glad to make an Appalachian barnwood frame for you if you let me keep one or two 8x10s. We'll talk.

10-21-2009, 14:29
I was looking forward to a good night of Orionids; however, there was too much cloud cover :(

I hope others, somewhere, had better seeing than I did.

Gray Blazer
10-21-2009, 22:26
They wern't poppin' around here. Must've been too much city lights.