View Full Version : Rangeley to Monson Report

08-12-2004, 13:37
Just thought I'd post a quickie on this excellent site. I hiked in a couple miles from Rt.4 on Thursday last to the tentsite and finished the 100 miles or so on Monday afternoon in Monson. I found the Bigelows as hard as any other part of Maine I had hiked. I passed a couple dozen thru hikers, a couple older fellows who forded the Kennebec. Definely awesome with the views from so many peaks. Two rides later I was back at Rangeley trailhead! An unlikely ride to Abbot came with a local lady who had thru hiked a few years before in a car with her mom, then a fellow who had just hitch-hiked from Millinocket to Monson--it took him all day and left him discouraged. His generosity was much appreciated!