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SOBO 2011
10-21-2009, 14:24
OK... so I know a few things about what clothing to bring on a thru-hike but I need some info on what other people think and or have used. I am planning on bringing long underwear, base layer one of reg. underwear and a wik T-Shirt, base layer two of a long sleeve wik shirt, a fleece or wool third top, with wik pants and a water-proof jacket... socks too.

So with all this in mind I need to know if I am bringing to much~not enough... if I am missing anything... any info on brands and or things you have used before.

Your thoughts on the third top layer... fleece or wool?

Really anything will help...

If it helps~ I am 6 feet 250 chubby athletic build who sweats alot.

Thanks for all the help :D

10-21-2009, 15:45
Sounds about right. 3 layers, plus I carry a wind/rain jacket pants, IE driducks.
Another layer. Just make sure no cotton. Wool shirt/jackets and fleece are good, just heavy. I have a heavy wool shirt I will go to the grave with.

If winter you should have an insulated jacket and with a hood is even better, like a montbell thermawrap parka. If your sleeping bag or pad is on the light side, you should probably pack some insulated pants too as an extender. Nice for camp too.

If no hood then maybe a neck gator and a wool sock cap or balaclava.

Wool or insulated gloves too.

Water proof over mittens and gortex over socks can come in handy.

IMO should probably carry and extra pair or two of socks, one clean to sleep in, extra silk or wool clean johns for sleeping, extra set of clean dry clothes, IE a shirt and pants. I got an extra set at the salvation army. Nylon pants that weigh 6oz and a shirt that weighs 4.

10-21-2009, 15:48
Oh meant to say if you are a sweater, when hard core hiking in moderate winter you might be able to get away with med wt wool johns and top and just shorts and a down vest, then cover up when you stop.

SOBO 2011
10-25-2009, 11:57
Hey just started looking up driducks... which one is best

10-25-2009, 14:47
They make a poncho that is light and cheap.
11 oz I think. Not long enough for a pack cover.

If you want a poncho I would spend more $ (like $45 total) and get a campmor extended poncho/tarp, 5x9. Comes in handy for a tarp, extend your tent living area etc and weighs 9oz.

The regular driducks is also light at about 10-11 oz depending ont he size.
Thats what I use part of the time.
I made the mistake of getting a tan one then I started thnking, tan, hunting season, Hmmm, not a good idea.
I will probably sell them and get yellow.

The frogtoggs pro rain suit has a zip away hood, and is nice and a bit more heavy duty but a good bit heavier. Cant remember exactly but I think my 2X was alomst 19 oz.