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10-25-2009, 23:21
Got this link http://www.questoutfitters.com/patterns-packs-cart.htm#G-4 ULTRALITE BACKPACK from another thread. Has anyone made and used this back pack, or something similar? How did it work out? Any comments on some of the other Patterns and kits?

10-26-2009, 10:18
Here's some more links to patterns for homemade packs:
When I find time I'll probably try making Mark Henley's 1 oz pack (at GG) with silnylon (about 2 oz in silnylon).

10-27-2009, 00:13
Thanks for the links I want to make that g-4 for maybe my summer pack. That Mark Henley 1oz. looks like it wouild make a great day pack for my wife. I should clarify she will be doing the sewing.

10-28-2009, 23:40
I had a G4 and didn't like the shape of the bag. It's wider at the bottom for a sleeping bag in a stuffsack. I don't use a stuffsack. The pack I have now (Golite Dawn) is much smaller but all I need except in winter is shaped like a tube. I put a rolled up 1/2 length closed cell foam pad vertically into the center of it, let it unroll so it presses against the inside of the pack, insert a large kitchen garbage bag into which go my sleeping bag and sleeping clothes and a change of clothes (if necessary) I stuff that into the bottom of the pack, squeeze out all the excess air, then pack the rest of my clothing and gear into a second plastic bag on top of my sleeping gear. My food bag and cookset goes on the outside near the top, just below my foul weather gear. In short, the shape of the G4 makes it hard to use the closed cell pad (which makes a great frame for stiffening the pack up. Since my pack is no longer made, I probably will replace it with a similar design (Fanatic Fringe comes to mind).

10-29-2009, 00:06
Thank you for your reply. I don't roll my sleeping bag any more. and I pack similar to you only I just use one trash bag. The cheap cost and light weight is what caught my interest. I'm just wondering how it rides and how well it would hold up and can it take an occasional over load.