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10-26-2009, 21:12
40 degree or 30 degree

The low temps for the weekend, 57, 63, and 56. Which should I take? Which would you take? Using a hammock and I do have an underquilt, I'm just not certain how accurate these ratings are. Logic tells me 40 but inexperience rules some of my decisions.

Pacific Tortuga
10-26-2009, 21:48
Went by "typical" normal temps during a certain time. Let my friend use my 45 dgree summer bag for Vermont hike in July.
Hasn't spoke to me yet, just returned the bag.
Did get a Green Mountain Brewery shirt out of it, not all lost.

10-26-2009, 22:00
A 30* The North Face bag isn't as warm as a 40* Western Mountaineering bag.

You need to judge on the quality of the bag and err about 10* colder than the forecast low temps.

10-26-2009, 23:02
Probably don't want to anyway, but especially if you have an underquilt, you don't want to be "in" the bag - rather, you'd be using it as a quilt. The great thing about quilt mode is that you can move it around on top of you as you wish to regulate your temp. So, that being the case, you can take the 30 bag and you won't be too hot. However, will those kind of lows, the 40 really should be sufficient. If you're at all worried, then take the 30.

10-26-2009, 23:44
Take the 40 and you should have an insulating layer you can put on should you get chilled