View Full Version : Dry Spring at Moreland Gap

08-15-2004, 17:41
On Thursday August 12 I found the spring at Moreland Gap Shelter to be a very tiny trickle. I would guess it would easily take 30-40 minutes to get a liter, assuming you have a way to get it from an extremely shallow seep. Fortunately I had enough daylight to hike on, but didn't find water again for probably three miles north, well down White Rocks Mountain. There were a number of small creeks and streams that were running south of Moreland Gap Shelter, but the closest water was probably two miles south. If you are hiking up from the south, I'd suggest you fill up at the first or second of those streams you come to, just to be safe.


03-14-2006, 00:18
Spring ok on March 3,2006. Long hike down hill. Wind cuts through the gap like a hurricane. It was in the single digits the night we tented here. Good tent sites at gap. Better sites if you go over the White rock Mt, Also a good water supply adjacent to an open field.